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~Found Poem~House That Will Last


Three bedrooms. Two baths. A house I grew up in. A house that should last.

I remember running down the halls, chasing after my brother.

I remember the ice cream sundaes and cannonball competitions.

The Christmas trees that we set up and the time it snowed at Thanksgiving not all that long ago.

Grandpa’s old chair that we’d mess around in. The smell of Grandma’s cookies in the hallway.

Now it’s being sold. I know it’s for the best. Deep down everyone seems sad.

It’ll be different. A change. The holidays won’t be the same.

No more Thanksgiving adventures with Grandma and Grandpa. No more playing in the pool when we should have been asleep.

They were moving. Nicer house. Smaller house. Unfamiliar house. The sales sign seemed to taunt everyone. Catch their eyes and saddening them just a little more.

This wasn’t just a dream. It was happening. And the sign forced them to believe that.

Snow covered the ground. I’m here now. In the house. Watching my brother and father fight with balls of white snow. Mom and Grandma are baking scones like they said Grandma and her mom did many years ago.

I’ll miss this house. And everything in it. I’ll miss the old chair.

The couch I always slept in even though there was a perfectly good bed.

Pool and water battles.

I’ll miss everything about this old house. The new one will be an adventure.

A fresh start.

A change.

A house that will last.



Falling from the broken trees
Stuck in the land of memories.
Heart races as you cry.
“Save me lord I cannot die.”
Crimson falls like to rain.
You shake with fear, you shake with pain.
The ghost from your past begin to haunt.
Bringing back memories they begin to taunt.
The pain reminds you you are here.
The pain reminds you of the dear.

Falling from a broken tree.
Lost with your memory.
Frozen from the fear of all.
Everything that stands so tall
Crows screech, heaven’s cry.
Begging you not to die.
“Face your fear, face your past,
Or your heart may stop at last.”
Breathe in deep
Escape it all.

Falling from the broken land.
Soon he drowns at memory’s hand.



Piter pater. Piter pater. Boom. Boom. BOOM.
The rain won’t stop.
The clouds won’t silence.
It’s only getting louder.
Only raining harder.
Piter pater. Piter pater. Clap. Clap. CLAP.

My eyes flickered open, my thoughts now in sync with the weather. The rain was pounding. Thunder clapping. Lightning booming. My head felt like it was near explosion, listening to the dogs howling and Mother Nature screaming.
My breathing fell in line with the rain drops. Though my chest did leap every time the thunder burst.

Clap. Clap. CLAP.
Boom. Boom. BOOM.
The rain wouldn’t stop.
The clouds wouldn’t silence.
Mother Nature kept on screaming.
And the Rain Storm kept me up



In the forest,
Among all the silence,
Considering all your thoughts,
Until the voices stop,
Throughout the night,
Among the shadows,
Near your sanity,
After all you’ve been through,
Over the trails,
Through the forest you tread,

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