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7th Grade Reflection


I arrived in August with open arms and wide eyes. It was my second year at public school and I had fallen into the swing of a larger school last year. This year would just be a repeat of the last, I was sure of it. But I soon realized that was not the case. […]

In All Honesty


Darkness is the contrast of light, Bad the contrast of good, Love the contrast of hate, Health the contrast of pain, But in some light Does there not lay darkness? In bad is there a complete absence Of good? Can there be Iove, Without hate? Health, Yet no pain? How can something purely, perfectly be […]

Hypnotized by Shel Silverstein


How would you like to get hypnotized? Stare deep, deep into my eyes. Now you’re getting drowsy, falling deep Deep, deep, deep–asleep, And I have you in my power. Mow the lawn for half an hour. Shine my shoes, trim my hair. Wash out all my underwear. Do my homework, scratch my back, Cook me […]

Butterfly Swing


n {my picture} I remember, when I was 4, my parents got my brother and I swings. He was given a green frog swing. While I, I was given a beautiful, blue, butterfly swing. And instantly fell in love. Some people had dolls, hot wheel cars, etc. Me? I had my swing. I would swing […]

Blogging Challenge: Week 2


The Live Music capital of the word, the place where crazy is great and our normal is your “weird”. Austin, Texas. Probably the nicest place in the world, full of crazy people who know how to make some great noise. Despite, what you might think, in Texas we don’t actually ride horses to school or […]



One chance. One opportunity. I’ve done loads of sports. Basketball, volleyball, equestrian, track, tennis—you get me, I have done lots of sports. But swimming is just…different. I don’t do it because I like it. Honestly, I hate it. I do it because I couldn’t imagine my life without it. So I guess I do sort […]

A Story


When I was seven, My best friend was the sand That pressed against my toes And stretched for miles down. The sea was my backyard. When I was eight. Daddy’s job took us far Far far away. To the city lights and “zoom-zoom” cars. And the buildings became my backyard. Now I’m ten, And I […]



My fingers tapped Tapped to the song of my nerves. Frantically, nervously, quickly. My heart raced Raced to the song of my fears. Uncontrollably, anxiously, rapidly. My knees shook Shook to the song of my distress. Hysterically, apprehensively, silently. Anxiety chocked my sanity. Tugging me away from the logic and the ease of life. Fear […]

Expository: Why Interrupting Is Annoying By Halle and Carly


“What’s the weath—” “Then I was at—” “I can’t be—” “Why would to—” Interrupting is quite annoying. First of all, interrupting causes you to lose your train of thought. When you begin to interrupt someone they focus on what you’re saying. Then when they get back to their conversation, they look like a complete idiot. […]

Stage fright


My heart pounded into my ears, beating so fast I thought the arteries would burst. My knees trembled as I read through the speech for the thousandth time–I couldn’t mess this up. Nervously, frantically, I skimmed through the speech once again. The words seemed burned into eyelids–for I knew them by heart. Cold sweat dripped […]

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