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7th Grade Reflection


I arrived in August with open arms and wide eyes. It was my second year at public school and I had fallen into the swing of a larger school last year. This year would just be a repeat of the last, I was sure of it.

But I soon realized that was not the case. The class were more difficult, the work was hard. Teachers expected more and orchestra started requiring practice. I started having to study and those straight A’s that I had been so proud of started slipping to B’s.

By October my my life was completely different than from the beginning of the year. I was no longer putting things off till last minute or prayin’ to pass a test without studying at all. I feel into a different pattern and–as my science teacher would say–adapted.

Eventually I figured out the year was going to be great. I fell in love with scientific notation–Go Mathletes!–and found my old love of poetry.

In seventh grade I learned more things than I imagined I could have or would have Linear equations, my love of poetry, and that 26 letters really can make a difference.\

I’m proud of this year. And as this year comes to a close I realize that I’m proud–not only of this year but of myself. My grades might not always be perfect, my attitude might not always be the best; but I try and that is what matters.

If I had to do it over again I would study more, work harder, and be the best I can be. If I could give any advice to incoming seventh graders: find a subject you love and excel. Perfectionism isn’t always the way to go. Simply putting you effort into things and trying is how you’ll accomplish your dream.

At the end of the day it’s your life. Not your parent’s, not your teacher’s, not your friend’s. Yours. So you better make the best of it.

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