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Darkness is the contrast of light,
Bad the contrast of good,
Love the contrast of hate,
Health the contrast of pain,

But in some light
Does there not lay darkness?

In bad is there a complete absence
Of good?

Can there be Iove,
Without hate?

Yet no pain?

How can something purely, perfectly be something?
Does not the answer also lead to more questions
Than more answers
Even more questions shall follow.

In darkness lays light
And in good lays bad
In hate lays love
And in healthy lays pain.

Nothing is as it seems to be
At least not completely.
There is fault in everything,
And questions that bring answers,
That only bring more questions.

Nobody’s perfect, or as my third grade teacher had written on the board: Pobody’s nerfect. A simple way to laugh at the fact that we’re so imperfect, we couldn’t even spell that correctly.
I never did like that sentence. Sure, nobody is perfect. That’s what we’ve always been told. Even Hannah Montana use to sing about the lack of perfection in everyone.

I still strongly dislike that mantra. We all have flaws; yes. We all have little imperfections and traits we simply despise. But what if it wasn’t that “nobodies perfect”, but that everyone is. Before you roll your eyes—hear me out. Those imperfections are what have built and created: You.

Wouldn’t it simply be easier, and make even more sense, if everyone was deemed perfect. If instead of pointing out the flaws and realizing that we can never be perfectly perfect.

We realize that perfection is in fact attainable. And in all honesty, has already been attained. The simple act of existing and being you; is also the act of being perfect. You don’t have to change your hair/eyes/clothes/body to be perfect.

Everyone is already imperfectly perfect. Just as there is good in bad and hate in love there is imperfection in perfection.

And perfection in imperfection.

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