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Hypnotized by Shel Silverstein


How would you like to get hypnotized?
Stare deep, deep into my eyes.
Now you’re getting drowsy, falling deep
Deep, deep, deep–asleep,
And I have you in my power.
Mow the lawn for half an hour.
Shine my shoes, trim my hair.
Wash out all my underwear.
Do my homework, scratch my back,
Cook me up a great big stack
Of pancakes, and go wash my plate.
Get some nails and fix the gate.
Now wake up and open your eyes.
Wasn’t it fun to be hypnotized?
{by Shel Silverstein,

When I was younger I fell in love with Mr. Silverstein’s poems. Being a poet myself, I always enjoyed and admired how he made them all rhyme–as that isn’t my strong point at all. I’d read his books day in and day out. This poem is definitely an old favorite and use to always make me laugh. My brother and I would try and hypnotize each other with an old clock or snap of the fingers. Never did work. But Mr. Silverstein’s poems seemed to hypnotize me. Enchanted me, and inspired me to write poetry.

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“Hypnotized by Shel Silverstein”

  1. April 26th, 2014 at 7:04 pm      Reply lschoch Says:

    Once again, Halle, another home run! You continually knock them out of the ballpark. Your explanation for why you chose this poem is as good as the poem. You are a natural! 🙂

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