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Blogging Challenge: Week 2


The Live Music capital of the word, the place where crazy is great and our normal is your “weird”. Austin, Texas. Probably the nicest place in the world, full of crazy people who know how to make some great noise.

Despite, what you might think, in Texas we don’t actually ride horses to school or play “count the tumbleweed” in our free time. We visit and explore the city—or at least I do. There are so many great things. My favorite is probably Town Lake. There is a running trail you can take. I do the 4 miles—six is just too many—with a few friends or simply just my dogs. You can have such a great experience and the whole atmosphere is just lovely.

On those days when running is the least thing I want to do, I go downtown. Grab some fro-yo, watch the street performers, take pictures beside all the beautifully decorated “graffiti walls”. I’ve fallen in love with the people and art this city has. Each block as it’s own special thing. I personally love the “Frog Wall”. It’s a giant green way that’s been graffitied on and above it’s head says,”Hi, how are you?”. It’s the cutest thing and just represents the Texan-loving attitude.

Whether you love to run, explore, or just eat fro-yo to the voices of the street preformers: Austin is the place for you. It has so much to give and you’ll never get bored while roaming the streets of the “Live Music Capital of the World”. It simply is the best place to live.

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“Blogging Challenge: Week 2”

  1. April 8th, 2014 at 9:10 am      Reply Lacey Says:

    I really enjoyed this blog because it gave me a chance to learn some fun things to do in Austin, Texas! I live in Port Dover, Ontario, and in the summer for fun we visit the beach, go mini putting, and hang with friends. There are also more fun activities to do.

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