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My fingers tapped
Tapped to the song of my nerves.
Frantically, nervously, quickly.

My heart raced
Raced to the song of my fears.
Uncontrollably, anxiously, rapidly.

My knees shook
Shook to the song of my distress.
Hysterically, apprehensively, silently.

Anxiety chocked my sanity.
Tugging me away from the logic and the ease of life.

Fear pulled at my heart.
Ripping it apart from the seams.

Distress drown all my inner peace.
Pulling me away from all that I knew as true.

My fingers tapped,
My heart raced,
My knees shook.


Exhaling the Anxiety
Exhaling the Fear
Exhaling the Distress

And inhaling the Strength.

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  1. April 7th, 2014 at 9:29 am      Reply Claire Says:

    Hey! My class is going around looking to find our favourite posts and I really love yours. Your use of deeply thought-out scenarios in which are put to use as definitions of differing feelings and actions is very fascinating and creative. Your description is perfect for the theme of this piece and even your choice in what to write about is empowering. It doesn’t give away too much but once you finish everything clicks, which keeps me interested throughout the poem. Amazing job!
    Here is my class’s link is: http://kidblog.org/78Lakers/
    Go check it out (:

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